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Factoring Benefits

Factoring is a flexible financial tool that can help your business be more competitive by improving your cash flow, increasing your credit rating, and allowing your company to take advantage of supplier discounts. Unlike traditional bank financing, factoring relies on the financial strength and credit worthiness of your customers, not your company.  You can use factoring services as much as you want or as little as you want. There are no long term obligations, no restrictive covenants, and no maximums.

Here are the top 10 reasons businesses use the factoring services of Safegard Funding:

1. Increase Cash Flow Without Increasing or Adding Debt
2. Fast and Easy Process
3. Cash Received for Your Invoices in 48 Hours or Less
4. Eliminate Long Billing Cycles
5. Add Capital to Your Business That is Not a Loan 
6. Pay Off Past Due Operating Expenses
7. Pay Off Delinquent Obligations
8. Use Your Customer's Good Credit as Leverage for Better      Cash Flow 
9. Provide Consistent Weekly Cash Flow to Allow for Better     Planning and Growth
10. Reduce Stress Involved With Not Having Cash to Meet        Business Obligations


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