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Factoring, also know as Accounts Receivable Funding, is the purchase and sale of accounts receivable (invoices) at a discount. Most small businesses sell their goods or services to larger companies or government agencies, who can take 30 to 90 days to make a payment. Factoring is a proven solution that alleviates the cash flow problems created by these delays in payment.

Safeguard Funding does not require three years of profits and outstanding credit in order to qualify. We welcome startups and growth companies. Factoring is the purchase of an asset, (Account Receivable), for immediate cash. A Factor really only needs to know that the company making payment on the invoice can and will make the full payment.

Although all small business owners want to grow and prosper, few have the necessary Working Capital to handle increased orders in times of economic expansion or extended invoice payment in periods of slowness.

See how invoice factoring can solve your cash flow challenges quickly and efficiently and work for you!

Advance & Rebates

Safeguard Funding purchases invoices at a discount by advancing a percentage of the net value of each transaction, after deducting sales tax (not all customers pay sales tax), deposits, etc., which we wire transfer directly into the clients checking account. A transaction consists of one or more invoices submitted on a given day for factoring. We transmit the invoices to clients customers in whatever form they wish (US Mail, Fax or Email). Client customers send their checks to us which we credit to the appropriate transactions and invoices making up the transactions, as received.

Our computer system automatically calculates our factoring fee and your rebate based upon check receipt dates, which is also wire transferred into your checking account when it becomes available.

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